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Date added: June 19th, 2024 - (Free)

Chrome enjoys a growing number of users thanks to a vast library of add-ons and extensions. Updates are performed in the background, so no annoying […]

Date added: December 15th, 2022 - (Free)

Unlocker is a small and lightweight app that lets you take complete control over your files and folders, which will help you unlock files and […]

Date added: January 4th, 2023 - (Free)

Timer Resolution lets you change your default Windows timer’s resolution in seconds and consequently improves the FPS for the games you are playing. Tweak Default […]

Date added: October 23rd, 2020 - (Free)

LG Mobile Support Tool is an essential tool for every LG owner. It will help them get the latest downloads and updates for their mobile […]

Date added: June 11th, 2024 - (Free)

uTorrent is the tiniest file-sharing software. However, it is fitted with powerful yet light features that enable users to download torrent files in a smart […]

Date added: May 11th, 2024 - (Free)

Hotspot Shield is a VPN service that helps you keep your identity hidden while browsing online and prevents you from losing data or information to […]

Date added: December 15th, 2022 - (Free)

Odin3 is the tool you need to flash your Samsung smartphone. It gives you more control over your phone. If you root your phone, you […]

Date added: September 22nd, 2023 - (Free)

Making bootable USB flash drivers isn’t tricky today thanks to software like WinToBootic, which has simple options and allows you to write Windows Vista, Windows […]

Date added: May 14th, 2024 - (Free)

Do you want to view more information about your system and your hardware? Then you can use System Information Viewer, which can help you retrieve […]

Date added: October 4th, 2023 - (Free)

ScpToolkit is a Windows driver for the Dualshock 3 and Dualshock 4 controllers. At the same time, it also acts as an XInput wrapper. With […]

Date added: January 5th, 2019 - (Free)

Nexus Root Toolkit simplifies the process of unlocking/relocking, rooting/un-rooting Android devices. Tools that you conventionally get in different packages are now unified in a simple […]

Date added: January 16th, 2023 - (Free)

If you’re struggling with not being able to access sites that are restricted, then you need to do something about it. Freegate is an excellent […]

Date added: September 12th, 2023 - (Free)

EasyCAP Driver is a file conversion software tool that converts the RCA or S-Video source to a USB video. It allows you to make recordings […]

Date added: October 11th, 2023 - (Free)

WinBox is a small application that lets you set up your MikroTik router and functions as you would on a web console. It allows you […]

Date added: December 15th, 2022 - (Free)

Today, having internet privacy is more important than ever. With all the big technology companies wanting to sell your data for profit, you need a […]

Date added: June 6th, 2024 - (Free)

NetCut is a simple and lightweight app that will scan your network for connected computers and help you retrieve the information about each computer connected […]

Date added: May 8th, 2023 - (Demo)

SmadAV is an antivirus program that will provide you with real-time security protection, which allows you to stay safe when you browse the internet, download […]

Date added: January 30th, 2024 - (Free)

PsTools is a collection of powerful tools that will help you control a computer remotely using the command line, manage your local system, run processes, […]

Date added: June 17th, 2024 - (Free)

Adobe Acrobat Reader is an advanced PDF reader that provides you with a wide variety of options, as well as some editing features that make […]

Date added: April 15th, 2021 - (Free)

Realtek High Definition Audio Driver is the official release from Realtek, bringing together the driver files needed to activate the audio hardware on your computer. […]

Date added: June 21st, 2024 - (Free)

Psiphon allows you to see content hidden in your country because it’s restricted by hiding your computer’s IP and allowing you to browse restricted websites […]

Date added: March 24th, 2024 - (Trial)

Charles is an HTTP proxy, monitor, and reverse proxy that lets developers view HTTP and SSL traffic from their machines. Web browsers access the internet […]

Date added: September 22nd, 2023 - (Free)

iPadian is a free application that allows you to bring the look and feel of an iPad interface to your Windows device. It is a […]

Date added: June 20th, 2024 - (Free)

WhatsApp for PC is the desktop version of this popular chatting and communication app. You can easily communicate with your friends and coworkers using your […]

Date added: October 5th, 2023 - (Free)

WBFS Manager lets you manage the Wii backups easily and quickly, providing a simple and intuitive interface that makes things easy. This tool will be […]

Date added: January 14th, 2021 - (Free)

SlimDrivers is a cloud-based utility tool that will scan your computer in real-time to identify outdated drivers for your computer components that need to be […]

Date added: May 9th, 2024 - (Free)

iTunes seems to be the easiest way to organize your favorite music, videos, TV shows, and everything media-related. Additional benefits come from listening to iTunes […]

Date added: October 12th, 2023 - (Free)

WinToFlash is a free, portable application that turns USB drives into bootable devices. This software was thought to meet the newest requirements and needs, where […]

Date added: January 30th, 2023 - (Free)

EasyBCD is a powerful and intuitive tool that helps you run multiple operating systems on one computer and reset the BCD configuration easily with just […]

Date added: July 28th, 2023 - (Free)

Samsung Tool PRO is a tool for Samsung devices that can update software, switch the phone mode, bring the phone back to the factory settings, […]