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Adobe Acrobat Reader is an advanced PDF reader that provides you with a wide variety of options, as well as some editing features that make this tool the most advanced on the market.

PDF files are extremely popular in creating and editing various text documents containing graphical files and options. However, not all of them have editing options. You’ll need a dedicated PDF reader to edit them and view them, although you can also view them with other software pieces.

But this application is perhaps one of the complete PDF readers out there. It lets you see and view the PDF files you download and edit.

It has several advanced tools and editing tools that make it one of the most desirable PDF readers on the market currently.

Modern Sleek Menu and Interface

When you open up Adobe Acrobat Reader, you’ll likely feel at home immediately. That’s mainly thanks to the simple and elegant interface within the tool, which doesn’t complicate the whole process, even though it offers some more advanced tools.

If you need guidance, almost every button has additional descriptions to make your life easier.

Edit and Read PDF Files

The main purpose of this tool is to help you view all of the contents of PDF files. It doesn’t matter how large or small the file is or how complex it is. This PDF reader is among the more advanced ones out there.

When you view your PDF files, you can close menus and additional distractions to help you focus on the text. Also, you can zoom in to see the file in more detail.

But even better, you can edit your PDFs with this tool easily. On the side panel, you can jump to a specific part of the PDF to let you edit it quickly. There are some basic editing options inside the tool and some more advanced ones.


Adobe Acrobat Reader is an intuitive PDF reader that lets you view and edit PDF files.

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