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Speakonia is a popular text-to-speech application with more advanced options and an intuitive interface that helps transform your text into speech.

Using the text-to-speech option in Windows is becoming an increasingly popular feature. Whether that’s to use the text to convey some things in a hearable way or if you want to use it for fun. But the default Windows tool for transforming the text to speech is somewhat basic and, in all honesty, not the best.

With Speakonia though, you can eliminate most of the drawbacks of that technology. You can use its many advanced features to enhance the speech and make it more realistic.

It’s a simple tool with a neatly organized interface and some nice features that make the entire process even easier. You can pick the voice, speed, and volume.

Easy to Install and Use

Once you install Speakonia, you’ll notice it has a somewhat simple interface. You’ll see the box in the main window where you can put the text.

Inside this main window, you’ll mostly notice features that help transform text-to-speech effectively. It has all the tools you’d expect from such software and some more advanced ones.

Change the Speed, Voice, and Volume

The main features are similar to Windows’ text-to-speech tool. Although you’ll notice this tool is much more refined and accurate.

You can configure all of the main things, such as the speaking voice – and you have a nice selection of voices to pick from. You can also alter the speed of the speaking voice, as well as the volume.

When you enter text into the clipboard, it will automatically transform into speech. So you’ll be able to test how the content you enter sounds constantly. This feature is called “clipboard reading” and you can also decide not to use it if you want.


Speakonia is a great tool to use if you want to transform text into speech. It has some neat features that help you get the most out of it.

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