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If you deal with text often, you know how annoying it can be to copy and paste constantly. Even worse, retyping everything becomes frustrating quickly. However, Lintalist promises to make this task easier.

It is a text snippet manager. It lets you insert text that you use frequently. You can even create different categories for your text snippets.

Save Time

Perhaps the biggest benefit that we noticed with Lintalist is that it saves a lot of time. It is especially true if you must work with many text pieces and copy and paste often.

For example, an application like this can help you copy and paste email responses to common questions that you might get about your business. And being able to organize these snippets is key to your productivity.

Store Text Snippets

The app uses something it calls bundles. If you have text snippets that you use often, you can use Lintalist to store them. It helps improve your workflow, and you can even assign specific combinations. It’s already easy enough to drag and drop.

But your productivity can increase even further when you can simply leave your hands on the keyboard and use shortcuts.

For instance, you might have personal snippets and then work snippets. You can do either with the software.

Easy to Get Started

You’ll be greeted with a guidance window when you start it up. It will help you understand how to use Lintalist in a better way.

You will get introduced to the app’s shortcuts and hotkeys.

Easily Manage Text Snippets

By simply pressing a key, you can open your snippet list. See what kinds of snippets you have and make changes if you want. If you prefer, you can even assign a hotkey, and that way, it is even faster.

It’s all up to you to make it line up with your common text snippets to avoid the hassle of always copying and pasting.

Split Text

You can make the app include things automatically in your text. For instance, you might want clipboard content, variables, a counter, your address, date, time, calendar, HTML tag, images, and more.

In essence, if it can be represented in text form, you can include it. If you want, you can split the text into two.

Some users find it useful for automating Excel spreadsheets. By using hotkeys, you can copy common formulas into new cells without worrying about wasting time.

A Manager that Truly Enhances Productivity

Lintalist offers a range of features that make working with text much easier than before. You can play around with the application and learn ways to make yourself more efficient.

You can change the settings to your liking and use it easily daily. Because of that, we think it’s a great pick for most PC users who have small businesses.

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