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If you need to copy and paste different texts for a particular task, then utilizing Lintalist can save your time and energy.

You can organize the different snippets in Lintalist. It can help you in using the required text whenever required. This application helps provide responses to the clients or ask for reviews on different forums.

You can even assign a different key combination to different snippets so that pasting them would be more comfortable and hassle-free. Moreover, you can also categorize your text snippets into work and personal ones. Thus, making the organization and categorization even easier.

Lintalist can provide you with an introductory video to help you learn the various aspects of the application. You can learn the shortcuts or define your hotkeys to use this application.

One of the problems with this application is that you’ll be able to view all your snippets through Caps Lock, so the actual function of Caps lock is disabled when you are using this application on your computer.

Moreover, this application also allows you to import CSV files into it so that you can copy paste the list easily.

Lintalist is an application to help you manage repeated copy and paste tasks for specific text fragments.

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