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Date added: October 21st, 2018 - (Free)
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Unlocker is one of the most useful cleaners ever to be created. Not only that is lightweight and it integrates into Windows shell, but it can also list and close programs that use a file that you want to delete. So, whenever access to a file is denied, there has been a sharing violation or you can’t delete a file because it is used by another program or user, turn to this simple software that allows you to delete everything by right-clicking that particular file and choosing to kill the process or to unlock the file and delete it in the same time.

There may be other similar programs out there, but this is the only one that also unloads DLL and index files without the need for a reboot. It runs on all Windows versions, including Windows 10.

Unlocker features and benefits:
  • deletes locked files with just 2 clicks
  • available from context menu
  • small size

Technical details

Latest version:
File name:
Unlocker 1.9.2.msi
MD5 checksum:
File size:
338 KB
Supported OS
Windows 10 / Windows 8 / Windows 7

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Oladimeji Obileye
Oladimeji Obileye


Joseph Peter
Joseph Peter

Fantastic tool to remove locked files and eject media etc..

Mostak Ahmad Simon
Mostak Ahmad Simon

Just awesome and very handy software.

Brian Davison
Brian Davison

Can it just unlock? Not delete? I have loads of MY FILES that Windows has decided to lock so I can’t use them, back them up or anything. No idea why it chose some not others, but it should never have done it to any of them.

There has never been another user on my computer in 3 decades fo using Windows (from Windows 3.0!!!!)


Does not seem to work on Windows 10. It will always detect no locks. Does anyone else have this problem?

Connor McMahon
Connor McMahon

It’s great. Haven’t had problems using it on Windows 10 nor XP. Works well!