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September 21st, 2023 - Free - 100% Safe
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Autorun Eater works alongside your antivirus solution to perform scans and remove suspicious autorun.inf related files. It is known to be an alternative to right-click-explore, with good reliability in terms of detection and removal.

Total Control Over Scans and Removal

The scanning and removal processes can be executed automatically or manually, granting you full control over the operation. It means that all root directories of your drives are continually scanned in real-time, providing you with tangible results.

You can halt or pause the process and even set the priority based on your preferences.

A Reliable Safeguard and Continuous Improvements

In summary, this software is a valuable safeguard against potentially harmful autorun.inf files that could impede your computer’s performance. With several updates released since its inception, it has evolved to offer enhanced features and heightened reliability.

All in all, this software is a handy protection tool against malicious autorun.inf files that may slow down your computer.

Several updates since its release have done it better in terms of features and reliability.


Autorun Eater emerges as a commendable defense tool, supplementing your antivirus measures to counteract the threats posed by malicious autorun.inf files.

Its user-controlled scanning and removal capabilities and ongoing updates make it a dependable choice for bolstering your computer’s security.

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