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Do you want to remove all the obsolete data and apps from your computer? AppCleaner will help you complete that task, as it is an application that comes with all the tools that will help you achieve that task.

Have you ever wondered how much space on your computer is occupied by files that you never use? If so, you might be wasting the potential of your computer.

When you install apps, you’ll find a wide variety of files that will remain on your computer even after removing the applications. At some time, these files might start clogging up your PC.

It is a powerful tool that will help you remove all the files and data that you’re not using, like registry entries, cache, crash reports, backups, and other old and obsolete files and that you haven’t used for a long time.

It will free up a lot of space and resources for your computer.

Optimize Your Computer Resources

AppCleaner is essentially used for optimizing the performance of your computer and, more specifically, the performance of your drives.

It will tap deeper into the files that you’re not using anymore, such as registry entries, cache by browsers, Google’s crash reports, or for instance, icon cache, backups, and much more.

You’ll be surprised at how much junk there might be on your computer, as you’ll free up valuable space that you can use for apps and for things that you need it for.

You’ll also be able to scan browsers and delete things such as cookies, browsing history, and all items attached to the browser that you’re not using.

Remove Installed Programs

This application can also be used to remove and delete programs from your computer, giving you the option of removing the old programs that you’re not using or haven’t used in some time.


AppCleaner is a powerful tool for removing files and applications that you’re not using, which will give you valuable space and resources to work with.

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