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Every PC has some files that shouldn’t be on the disk. We’re not talking about personal files but rather clutter that slows down the performance of your computer.

Removing these files manually can be time-consuming, especially since you don’t know which slows down your PC the most.

PrivaZer is a helpful disk-cleaning tool that will erase and delete useless files from your PC. It includes files you haven’t used in a while and files that even danger your computer’s health.

Comprehensive Scans to Delete Useless Files

The way that PrivaZer works is that it will first conduct some comprehensive scans on the most critical areas of your computer. It will do in-depth scans of your relevant directories and securely protect your PC from unwarranted and cluttered files. It will already result in a notable performance boost for your computer.

It will also perform checks and scans in different areas of your PC. It includes checking your browser cookies that haven’t been used in a while, shortcuts, useless start menu files, unused desktop shortcuts or files, and other files that don’t serve a particular purpose for your PC.

It will also look for previous versions of Windows and delete them, including system updates and installers.

Scanning for Different Devices

In addition to scanning your PC, you’ll also be able to scan and clean other devices that you might own. It includes iPods, MP3s, SD memory cards, USB flash drives, external drives, storage drives, and even HDDs you haven’t used.

It allows you to perform scans, checks and cleaning on different devices. It’s a neat app you can install on your PC or other systems.

You can download it for free and try it out. We like it very much for cleaning our PC and other devices.

Intuitive Detection Center

Once the app runs, it will provide reports telling you where to make checks and improvements and which files are ripe for deletion. You’ll be able to know what sorts of issues there are on your PC and what actions are recommended for your particular case.

With these reports available, you’ll be able to decide which files you can delete.

Of course, you can still decide which files you will delete yourself, and you’ll get a comprehensive report from the app telling you which files you should delete.

To Conclude

PrivaZer is an excellent app for cleaning and scanning your PC HDDs and other devices. It is an intuitive and effective disk cleaning application that will help you remove unused and harmful files from your HDD and make your PC perform better.

It can increase the performance of your device significantly.

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