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Clean up your computer’s cache, junk, and other unnecessary files with Cleanmgr+, a tool that will help you keep your computer clean and save space.

It is quite similar to Microsoft Cleanup Tool, only with a few additional tools and capabilities. It will help you ensure your computer is free of junk files and cache that might accumulate over time.

These files can clog up your computer and cause it to run poorly, and you might see that you don’t have as much space.

Automate the Cleaning Process

The interface is simple, and it should be easy enough for everyone to clean their computers. However, the advantage of Cleanmgr+ is the ability to import additional third-party scripts to the tool. It allows you to automate the entire process and save time.

With this automation, you can schedule cleaning procedures exactly when needed without worrying too much.

And these scripts are widely available on the internet, so you should not have any problems with automation here.

Preview Files and Delete Them

It will delete all the Update logs, other logs, cache, and junk files that accumulate on your computer with use and time. But you can also customize which files get deleted in the end. You will have complete freedom as to what you want to delete and keep – you don’t have to erase everything the application finds.

It will also help you clear cache from browsers, which can be useful when enabling faster performance. The tool will work with most of the world’s largest browsers, including Firefox, Chrome, and Vivaldi.

With a simple interface, a nice preview of the deleted files, and an automation feature, Cleanmgr+ is among the best cleaners on the market.


If you want to rid your computer of junk files and cache, you can use a tool like Cleanmgr+, a powerful disk management tool.

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