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Firefox is a top web browser adding over 10,000 extensions to a customizable easy-to-use interface. Known to act hard on system resources, recent updates have tackled just that and now it is light enough on memory resources while better in terms of security. Private browsing, health reports, pop-up blocking and an extensive list of security extensions manage possible dangers quite well.

Constant updates may interfere with add-ons compatibility, but one can always find a replacement for that extension doing the same thing. Customization is one of the browser’s best features, as an impressive library of themes, styles, buttons, tabs and menus is at your disposal.

Bookmarking, tabs pinning and grouping, synchronization capabilities, and plug-in update checking add to an impressive list of features that make this a complete web browser.

Technical details

Latest version:
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Firefox Setup 81.0.exe
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51.37 MB
Supported OS
Windows 10 / Windows 8 / Windows 7

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