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iPadian is made to transform your Windows PC into an Apple device which can support and run applications specially designed for iOS. It is a simulator that can help you to test applications or to play iOS games directly on your computer.

A short tutorial about how to install and setup it up:

This program is working in full screen, but if you want to access your desktop, you have dedicated buttons the right side of the screen. The response time of this tool is impressive, and it’s not working like an emulator, it seems like a native application.

It is coming with a lot of predefined apps that already have shortcuts on your virtual desktop, but you can easy to access AppStore and download from there precisely what you need. Doesn’t matter you need to test an application or a game, iPadian will work without problems and offer you the entire experience without crashes and other errors.

Even if you didn’t work with an Apple system yet, don’t be afraid, this software is pretty easy to use, and it has a user-friendly interface. All the applications will be on the screen; settings are in the bottom bar, you can customize it in few seconds.

Let’s think you’ve made an iOS application and you need to test it before launching on the AppStore, what to do? Install iPadian and test this application, see how it works or you need to modify something for a better experience. This application could be a great tool for programmers but even for people who only need to feel the iOS experience. If you are thinking to buy an iPhone or an iPad, but first you need to understand the iOS is working, download iPadian and familiarize with Apple software.

In the starter package, after installation, you will find few essential apps like, Facebook, YouTube or Gmail. Also, you will see more native iOS applications which can help you to make different things. Audio mixing tool, for example, can help you to create few sounds or music player to listen to the music. With iOS native photo editor, you can edit the photos, and so on.

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