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Genymotion is an Android-emulating application that will create a virtual Android environment with high-level 3D performance, allowing its users to control the Android device fully.

If you’re an Android app developer or want to try Android on your own for the first time, this utility can be an essential application for you. Developers continuously use this app to test their new applications in a real-world Android environment to see how their apps perform.

In other cases, people use this app to take a device they intend to purchase for a test drive and see if it is the right fit for them. It is a fully-featured Android emulator with advanced 3D performance and simple tools.

It relies on OpenGL technology and will run very smoothly, independent of which device you opt for.

All the Main Android Devices are Supported

The application will support most of the biggest and most popular Android devices, allowing you to test your application in various environments. This way, you’ll be able to quickly identify performance and compatibility issues before they become apparent when you launch the application.

When you select your preferred virtual device, the application will automatically download and deploy it from the Genymotion cloud. And from the intuitive user interface, you can then control and select the devices of your choice.

You Can Take Several Actions

Once you’ve downloaded your preferred device, you can take several actions to see how your application behaves.

For example, you can use the PlayStore to download and install new applications, perform modifications, place apps, widgets, and shortcuts on the desktop or try out one of the pre-defined apps on the device.


You’ll also get control over the device’s important features, such as the battery, gyroscope, and others.

Overall, Genymotion is a must-have application for Android developers.

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