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Today, having internet privacy is more important than ever. With all the big technology companies wanting to sell your data for profit, you need a way to protect yourself. In addition, your ISP may try to block your access to certain sites or resources.

For this reason, it is helpful to have an innovative application like Ultrasurf.

A New Kind of VPN

With Ultrasurf, you get everything you would need in a VPN. It’s fairly simple and doesn’t force you to disobey the law. You can see the sites you want without being traced. It’s a smart and simple way to browse the web anonymously.

Don’t worry about being in the wrong region. You won’t be locked out because of your location due to being able to change it in a second.

Encrypted Traffic

Your ISP doesn’t need to know the sites you’re visiting. They might even try to throttle your connection for certain sites.

Instead of having a log of every site you visit, choose this software and start it up so you have a new IP address.

This IP address won’t be attached to your real one. It lets you stay protected from privacy concerns.

It’s Free

The best price is free. It provides security and doesn’t violate your privacy. And that’s exactly why we were impressed with this service.

It keeps you protected from malware, phishing, and other online hazards. It combines nicely with any existing software you might have.


Ultrasurf provides a great toolset to browse the web in private. You don’t have to worry about people knowing your banking or other sensitive information. All in all, it’s a great piece of software that we would recommend downloading.

Ultrasurf features and benefits:
  • Protect your privacy online with anonymous surfing and browsing
  • Bypass firewalls to access censored websites
  • Protect your data transfer

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