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Another way of securing your data while browsing the web can be managed through VPNKS. It can be considered a backup if your VPN fails to keep a secure connection alive.

VPNKS can stop all your traffic, thus reducing any chances of getting your data leaked. It can keep a close eye on your VPN connection to ensure that you enjoy a safe browsing experience. You can activate it on your device to see how it works.

If your VPN connection drops, you can quickly consider yourself safe without panicking about the possible disclosure of your information. That is because VPNKS is designed to protect you in such situations.

You can use it with all VPN solutions without any problems. It can be updated automatically to keep you protected all the time. Additionally, it can be managed in the tray of your desktop. Moreover, you don’t have any specific limits while using this application, so you can expect this application to keep working for you as often as you like.

It does not keep on working every time, so you can expect little interference in your computer’s other operations. It shutdowns automatically when not needed. You can even start it with the start of Windows as the default setting to ensure that you don’t get traced even for seconds.

VPNKS is a backup application that you can use to provide data security, even if your VPN connection breaks.

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VPNKS Installer.exe
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Windows 11 / Windows 10 / Windows 8 / Windows 7

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