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With gpg4win, you can protect your emails by encrypting them, as the app will generate encryption keys for your files and create certificates for them.

Emails can be highly sensitive, especially if you constantly send emails for work or emails that contain personal details. In that case, you wouldn’t want anyone else to see the email except the main recipient and yourself.

You can solve this issue by using certificates for your emails or by encrypting them. You can do that with a simple and effective tool called gpg4win.

This app has encryption and certificate capabilities for your emails, as you can install a key manager for different services. You can also create certificates with this app or import them easily if you own them.

Key Manager Included

The best and most effective way of protecting your emails is by using keys for the most crucial emails that you own. gpg4win comes with that capability, as you’ll be able to create keys that will only open emails you want to encrypt.

The application works with different email services, and in particular, with the most popular ones. It is meant for OpenGPG, X.509, and other crypto dialogs such as Kleopatra. It also works with GNU privacy assistance, GpgOL (Outlook), Claws mail user agent, and other services.

It covers the most popular services out there.

Import or Create Certificates

It also comes with the ability to create certificates from scratch or other importing capabilities that you might want to use. For instance, the tool will work with different certificate types like ASC, CER, CERT, DER, and PEM.

After the certificate is created, you can send it by email or upload it to a directory service. You can also create a backup to access the certificate and have it safe.


gpg4win is a complete tool for creating certificates and encrypting the emails you own. It’s highly effective and easy to use.

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