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The primary purpose of gpg4win is to provide security to your Windows by encrypting files and emails. It enables a high level of security when it comes to the existing files and emails associated with your computer. As a result, there are lesser chances that a third party or hacker would be able to read your important files or information.

You’ll need to keys if you are working with this encryption utility. These include the private key and the public key. This private key is used for encryption of all your essential data, whereas the purpose of the public key is to provide a code to the receiver of information to view the encrypted files.

Additionally, you can choose to access all the files of the encrypted folder or a few of them, depending upon your needs. Moreover, the process of data transfer is quite fast because of the two supported plugins of this application.

The interface of the application is simple and thus allows beginners and experts to handle and protect the data in the most efficient manner.

One of the problems that you can associate with gpg4win is that it would require you to install a few other programs with it as well. These include GnuPG, Cleopatra, GPA, GpgOL, GpgEX, and Claws Mail.

gpg4win ensures data encryption for Windows users along with easy and fast transfer of this data from one location to the other.

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