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Probably one of the most appreciated and used VPN solutions is OpenVPN. This software supports SSL/TLS security, TCP or UDP tuner transport proxies, and support for dynamic IP addresses. The scalability is available for hundreds or thousands of users, which makes it a robust VPN application.

Let’s think you are interested in watching a specific live stream from Canada, but you can access the stream because your country is restricted. What can you do? It’s simple. You can use a common VPN software to interrupt your connection anytime because the security level is down.

You can use OpenVPN, which is bound to the OpenSSL library and encrypt your data and privacy. The streaming can be in full HD, and there are no problems. The level of quality is kept, thanks to OpenVPN.

OpenVPN is an open-source VPN client that works well with any VPN provider supporting the protocol. It gives the possibility to customize, optimize, and control the connections when problems appear. You can modify the connection or replace it with another one.

It is a simple and smaller application, and you don’t have a complicated interface, just an icon in the taskbar section. You can connect to any server by right-clicking on a specified area. You will find the servers there, the location on a global map, select one, and connect. Choose your locations and test them before starting the navigation, test, and test until your connection is perfect.

You have full control of the server list and are the only one with the location to use. Many VPN clients display and permit you to connect only to a specified server, but OpenVPN lets you decide the connection.

Access multiple VPN servers from one application, stay secure, and have perfect navigation with only one software, which protects your data and privacy very well.

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2.6.9 I001
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Windows 11 / Windows 10 / Windows 8 / Windows 7

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