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Screenrec helps you capture images and videos straight from your desktop and share them instantly with generated links. Screen capturing is one of the most important aspects of many content creators and people who work with computers daily.

Screenrec is one of the better utility apps that allow you to create and take high-resolution image and video captures straight from your screen. It also helps you share those images and videos instantly with others with just a few clicks.

Seamless Image Capturing

Before you start using the app, you’ll need to create an account – at least, if you’ll want to share your captures with other people, though. For solely capturing images or videos and then saving them on your computer, you won’t need to create an account.

The good thing is that you can easily connect your Google account and sign up that way.

To start capturing screens, you only need to do a few simple things. Simply right-click the taskbar icon, select Image Capture, and select the area of your screen you want to capture. Then you only need to create the capture.

The video capturing is also as straightforward. You only need to select the screen you want to capture, the duration of the capture, and you also have some other settings.

You also have the option to enable or disable your microphone when capturing the video.

Private Data Sharing

If you want to share the captures with other people, you can do so via privately secured links. If you click on the share icon, the app will automatically generate a private sharing link.

Then, you can share the capture with anyone you want and everywhere you want – simply paste the link generated by the app.

Then, the recipient will simply enter the URL into their browser and then download the file you’ve added to their computer. It is as safe as it gets.


Screenrec is one of the easiest and safest image and video capturing applications you can get for quick and easy screen captures that you can share.

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Roxanne Erickson
Roxanne Erickson
9 months ago

I mostly use it for office communication. Despite drafting long emails, record your message and send the link to your colleague. Super easy!

If we compare it with other free screen recorders, ScreenRec stands out because it is light, its user interface is very simple, and above all, it gives free cloud storage of 2 GB absolutely free.

Charles Fields
Charles Fields
9 months ago

ScreenRec also works with Linux really well. I have tried using it on Windows 10 and Linux worked really well on both OS.