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Create attractive and awesome cartoons with OpenToonz, a great tool for creating 2D and 3D animations that you can insert and blend to create amazing cartoons of your liking.

Draw 3D and 2D Models

Creating cartoons can be a fun and creative activity. It allows you to express yourself maximally by making drawings of your liking and using your imagination to its fullest.

Some of the cartoons are also popular today. But you’d need the right tools to compose these cartoons and make drawings, which is hard to get.

But OpenToonz can provide you with both. It’s primarily used to draw 3D and 2D models, which is great when you want to create your choice models.

It’s compatible with TWAIN standards and can be used for various projects. It comes with a relatively intuitive GUI that helps users get creative.

User Friendly

Even though creating 2D and 3D models might initially seem intimidating, it’s not hard once you start.

Perhaps the most important thing here will be your imagination, and once you learn the tools inside the OpenToonz app, you’ll see that the sky is the limit.

It’s useful even if you don’t know how to use rendering tools.

Create 2D Animations and Cartoons

Firstly, there are several settings where you can set up your frames and screens. It will also come useful later on. For creating animations, many drawing tools are available for users, which can create both basic and more complex models that can be used in cartoons.

Again, you can use your imagination here.

Next, you can control the animations seamlessly, and you’re allowed to make any changes you want, giving you full control over the animations and how they move and appear.

Consequently, you’re free to make any changes.


OpenToonz can be a fun app since it allows you to create your models and cartoons, and it’s relatively simple to use once you get started with it.

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4 years ago

Can I get some help? Or where can I get some help?
Opentoonz crashes when I created a mesh and after I skeleton added skeleton to my character, when I press “animate” it crashes.