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This application offers the game developers an opportunity to add 2D and 3D animations without paying hefty costs. OpenToonz consists of many features to ensure that the developers manage to create a rich experience for their games.

Color with binarization, color without binarization, black and white are the four modes through which objects can be scanned. Similarly, scanning your hand or digital drawings are the two basic techniques through which models for scanning can be generated.

OpenToonz can save the settings so that you do not have to adjust them every time; you want something to be scanned through this application. Multiple effects can be added to these animations, including light variations and creating wavy distortions.

Downloading this application is easy, but the problem can be faced when it comes to the interface. The interface might seem a bit busy for the ones who are using the animation application for the first time. However, it is quite comprehensive for regular users and can let you work with your animations in the best possible way.

OpenToonz is an application to provide 2D and 3D drawings for your games, providing you with various features to enhance the fun of the games created.

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1 year ago

Can I get some help? Or where can I get some help?
Opentoonz crashes when I created a mesh and after I skeleton added skeleton to my character, when I press “animate” it crashes.