Image Editors

Date added: September, 12th 2017 - (Freeware)
Blender blends state of the art features into a seamlessly furbished interface that puts you in control of its functionality by full customization. Yes, you have read this ...
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Caesium 1.7.0
Date added: January, 14th 2014 - (Freeware)
Caesium is an automatic photo compressing software that manages to reduce the file size on disk, without compromising the visual quality. The software is very intuitive and user-friendly and is ...
FotoSketcher 3.30
Date added: February, 3rd 2017 - (Freeware)
FotoSketcher is a free image editor that comes with more than 20 special effects and over 20 language packages. If in need of artistically blended images, but have ...
GIMP 2.8.22
Date added: May, 12th 2017 - (Open Source)
GIMP is a photo manipulation software that can do photo retouching, image authoring and composition. In order to get a taste of what this program is about, we ...
HeliosPaint 1.7
Date added: January, 6th 2017 - (Freeware)
If you are looking for a freeware program that you can use to edit some of your photos quickly, look no further than HeliosPaint. The program, written ...
Inkscape 0.92.1
Date added: February, 19th 2017 - (Open Source)
Inkscape is a vector graphics editor that has proven over the years to be a good SVG friend, whether you need markers, clones or alpha blending. With a ...
Paint.NET 4.0.21
Date added: January, 15th 2018 - (Freeware)
Paint.NET comes with plenty basic features, such as layer support and unlimited undo. As a program intended to replace Microsoft Paint, this has proven to become even better. ...
PhotoDemon 6.6
Date added: March, 31st 2015 - (Freeware)
PhotoDemon is a free portable photo editor that allows any user to edit their photos with ease. It comes with a plethora of features and multiple effects: ...
Photoscape 3.7
Date added: September, 11th 2014 - (Freeware)
Photoscape can edit, fix and enhance photos in small and simple steps. Embedding a viewer and an editor, this software is able to create a slideshow out of ...
PhoXo 8.3.0
Date added: November, 10th 2014 - (Freeware)
PhoXo is a basic image editor designed to work fast and offer a medium range of features that may enhance your creative side quite a lot. So, check ...
Pinta 1.6
Date added: March, 2nd 2015 - (Open Source)
Pinta brings PC painting to the easiest level yet reached. As Open Source software, it features an unlimited number of layers created by developers worldwide. Separate and regroup ...
RealWorld Paint 2013.1
Date added: January, 30th 2014 - (Freeware)
Realworld Paint is a powerful portable image editor that offers professional features and tools. The main uses for this application consist of drawing pictures, retouching photos and ...
RIOT 0.6
Date added: October, 31st 2016 - (Freeware)
RIOT stands for Radical Image Optimization Tool, which might be too a big name for such a simple tool. Simple because the interface is as plain as one ...
Date added: May, 17th 2017 - (Freeware)
StylePix offers for free what other similar or even not so advanced solutions do. Enough is to mention the user interface that scores higher than most of these ...