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We all know that laptop battery performance will naturally decrease over time with use. And that’s made even worse because many users don’t know how to control energy expenditure and make it efficient to keep their laptop running for longer.

And now there’s an excellent way to tell where there is room for improvement. The Powir app will generate reports about your battery’s performance – if it is decreasing, improving, or staying the same.

It will also provide you with insight as to when your battery might be harmful to your laptop.

Free and Open-Source

Powir is an open-source application, and it’s also completely free to use. It has a very simplistic design and interface, but the interface works. It’s fully transparent, so you won’t have to worry about security reasons.

It’s also a very portable app. You don’t need to install it on your system, making it lightweight, easy to use, and set up.

You can use it on any device as long as you have it with you. When you open it up, it will analyze the battery performance quickly without actually draining it.

Simple and Effective

You’ll run this app without installation and additional files, so it’s very simple. But at the same time, it is very useful for providing you with reports that can help you ultimately improve the performance of your battery.


Powir is a great portable app that will help you generate reports about your battery and how it is performing so that you can quickly improve your laptop battery’s performance.

Control and manage the laptop battery performance with an intuitive app that will tell you how much battery gets consumed and some of the top consumers of your laptop’s battery.

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