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H2testw is an application that helps you determine how well your storage devices perform when reading and writing data by providing you info and statistics on your storage devices.

One of the best things to make sure if you have many files on your computer is to make sure your storage devices are working as smoothly as they should. Luckily, you can easily achieve that by constantly testing them to make sure they’re running as fast as possible, which allows you to optimize them and bump their performance.

Scan External Drives for Fake Capacity

H2testw is a good and free testing tool that helps you determine if your storage devices are working as they should be. If you’ve just bought a new storage device or if you want to ensure that your existing devices are running smoothly, then you’ll want to test their performance and see the results of the tests.

The most important feature of this utility is that it can scan the drives for fake capacity. It’s able to work and write over 1GB records to the free space, and after that, read them back, the thought being if the perused information isn’t the same as what was composed, there are possible problems.

Scan Your Storage Devices

H2testw has one main purpose, which is to create in-depth tests of your storage devices. You can select to scan your entire storage devices from scratch, or you can pick the exact amount of data you want to scan. It helps you create in-depth scans of your storage devices, no matter the type of your device.

If you have USB devices and want to test them, this tool will be especially helpful. The main purpose is to test your USB drives. But there are also many other implications where you can use this tool to test your devices.

You can scan internal hard drive disks and external drives, which helps you make sure they’re running as well as they should.

Get In-Depth Info and Data

After the scans are complete, this tool will provide you with all the information you need about the drives you’ve just tested.

You’ll see the time it took to complete the operation, the number of megabytes tested, and the writing and reading speeds.


H2testw is a simple and lightweight application that helps you scan your storage devices and get reports.

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