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If you want to know how their PC components are performing, this app is a fantastic option. VenMon will keep a close eye on your computer’s key components, such as your CPU, hard drives, disks, and other devices.

It generates real-time results so you can see what’s happening with your PC and where there is room for improvement.

Two UIs at Your Disposal

The app offers you two separate UIs that play different roles in displaying results to view all the information about your components in detail. The first part of the UI is a smaller window where you can see your components’ key metrics and results.

This window will show you information like CPU speed, physical memory state, laptop battery percentage, network connections, and more.

The second window of the UI is a much larger one. This window shows graphical representations of the performance of your key components.

In this window, you’ll be able to see more detailed information about the performance of your PC. You can access this window from the system tray or from the app itself.

You can see graphs, in-depth reports, and graphical performance representations.

Several Information Branches are Available

You will want to see the performance of different aspects of your PC: system, processors, storage, network, and ping. VenMon sorts that nicely for you in other branches you can switch between if you want to see the information about each performance aspect.

In the System section, you’ll be able to see detailed information about the usage of the physical memory of the PC, PageFile memory, the speed of the CPU, System Events, and other information about the system.

The Processors tab is dedicated solely to the CPU. In this section, you’ll be able to see all the statistics and data behind your CPU and the graphical representations of that information. You’ll access data such as idle time, memory space, etc.

The Storage tab shows you the information about your drives, and the Network tab displays your connection info.

Versatile and Powerful Tool

This tool is used by many PC and laptop owners who wish to improve and track their performance. It allows you to closely monitor the most important aspects of your computer’s performance.

You can track system actions and their performance, storage performance, battery life, internet connection, etc. It’s also versatile in the sense that it works for different devices.


VenMon is a lightweight yet powerful system tracking and monitoring tool. It constantly analyzes the performance of your computer’s key components, such as the CPU, physical drives, connectivity issues, and more. This sort of information is valuable and will improve the performance of your PC.

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