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February 26th, 2019 - Free - 100% Safe
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ASUS WinFlash is essential software for the people who are using ASUS mainboards, and they need to keep updated the BIOS software quick and straightforward without in-depth technical knowledge about computers or it.

Always will appear new software or games that will have problems to run on your device because of some incompatibilities cause by your drives or your BIOS system. Asus produced this software which is coming to help you simple, with only a few clicks. Your BIOS system will always stay updated, but the little issues or bugs are fixed.

ASUS WinFlash isn’t only an updatable application; it can solve the bugs or crashes which will appear inevitable between your hardware and software at the time. Being an ‘intelligent’ software, WinFlash provides two option for updating the BIOS System, you can grab the file directly from an external server, or if you have the data stored on your PC, stick or HHD, select a theme and start the process.

The interface is pretty simple; you will find out information about your Current Bios like Model, Version, Build Date. On the other section, you will find information about Updated BIOS and intuitive buttons which help you to Updated the system or to close the application.

After you install it this interface will appear, let’s think you want to make a quick update for your BIOS software, press the “Update” button, after that, you will have to choose the files. Where are the files stored? If you have the files for this update into your device, select “Get BIOS from Device” go to that folder, make the selection and start the updating.

If you don’t have the files, choose “Get BIOS software from the Web” and let the application to do the job for you. The updating will start soon, and your files will be automatically downloaded and installed on your device. Let’s think about you’ve made a BIOS updated and some of your application has crashed, what to do?

It’s simple, make a downgrade, ASUS WinFlash offers you this possibility, whenever you want to come back for the last version of your BIOS software, downgrade and that’s all.

As I said above, WinFlash is a simple software that can be installed in few seconds by anyone. The wizard-assisted procedure is accessible to all the people, doesn’t matter your IT knowledge. Once launched, the app will check your internet connection, if the adapter is connected to the device and of course if you are on notebook or laptop, the power of the battery is checked to have enough for the updating process.

If you think the updating of your BIOS system isn’t too significant, all the motherboards providers recommend us to keep it at the last version to fix various buts and of course potential compatibility problems which always can appear.

Keep your BIOS up to date, fix the issues and potential bugs for a long time without problems activity with your PC, or laptop device.

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