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ProduKey allows you to see all of the keys of the applications that you have installed on your computer with ease, as you will be able to recognize each application with a license that you own.

When you have applications installed on your computer that require a license, you’ll need to ensure that you have the key of that application stored neatly. But if you forget the key on any occasion, you can also use ProduKey.

It is a simple and lightweight application that will show you the product key of your installed products.

Fast and Intuitive

This application aims to be as lightweight as possible and show you the keys quickly and when you need them. It does that, as it will not waste a lot of resources on your computer.

It will help you display the keys in a matter of seconds, right after you have specified which application you want to review and its key.

To help you recognize and remember your products’ keys, the application will read various databases and use different sources to help you get them.

With the help of that, it will analyze your local computer and its files, the external Windows registry, and also the remote computer if you use the product there.

Get Keys with Ease

If you need to quickly know the product key of your selected product, then ProduKey will be right up your alley.

You can set up the application using the Options menu, where you will specify which applications the app needs to analyze to extract the product keys that you want to know about.

It’s a very friendly app to use for beginners because you don’t need to have a lot of experience to use it. You’ll only need to specify which apps you want to see and learn their product key, and the app will do the rest.


ProduKey is a useful application that helps you get all your software products’ keys in a matter of seconds.

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