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November 1st, 2023 - Free - 100% Safe
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Battery Monitor is a small widget-like application that allows you to view the status of your system’s battery. It comes with a little widget that can be moved anywhere on the desktop, providing the ease of monitoring the battery status.

Additionally, it can be placed over the other windows so that you can constantly look at the battery status. Adjusting this widget’s opacity level is also possible and can be used to ensure ease while working on your system.

This application has a meter bar and the percentage available to you. Additionally, the time remaining, the charge rate, and the current charge are details that Battery Monitor can provide.

You will also get notified about the full charge mode and crucial battery status while using this application. You can even make certain changes in the settings of the battery.

These changes include setting the animations while your system is in charging mode, changing the capacity display units, and specifying a power plan that would involve switching from the battery to the AC.

Apart from the critical and full battery mode, you have the customizable options to plug in or plug out sounds, opening, and closing flyouts. Additionally, you can even manage the notification settings that the application provides. The default values of the sound can also be restored with a single click.

You can even hide some of the display values the Battery Monitor provides. You can hide the ones you don’t require, making the battery view clean and easy to use.

All these settings can be managed from the application interface, which is sleek and lean, but contain all these options to facilitate the users in the best possible way.

Battery Monitor is a customizable application that provides you with all the information related to your battery status on your desktop.

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