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July 2nd, 2020 - Free - 100% Safe
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You can get all the essential information about your computer using Belarc Advisor. It is a unique tool that can analyze your system in detail and provide you with the information regarding your CPU, video card, RAM, motherboard and all the other software present in your computer.

It also discusses the information regarding the Windows, its installation, model of the computer and virus protection that is available in your computer. Additionally, data related to hard drives, free space, and mapped network device are also amongst the data categories that are highlighted by this app.

Some of the features that can prove beneficial for you are its small size, provision of free access, fast speed and reliable statistics. All these features of operational efficiency can save your time and give you faster results.

You can see the results and all the information gathered in your browser, so it does not require any additional effort on your side. You can also copy the data from the browser for saving it and using at an appropriate occasion. However, you cannot get a summary of all the information and statistics that Belarc Advisor can detect.

Additionally, it is not available in the portable version. Moreover, another limitation associated with this tool is that you cannot store the data directly from the browser. You’ll have to ensure that you copy paste it from your browser to other locations for saving the data.

Belarc Advisor provides you with all the statistics about your computer in a fast and reliable way.

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