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If you want to view all of the important information about your computer and your system right on your desktop, then you can do that with BGInfo.

It is designed to help you create backgrounds and wallpapers that will include some of the most important pieces of information about your computer and your system in general.

BGInfo generates backgrounds and wallpapers for your desktop that will contain some important information about your system, such as IP address, boot time, CPU specs, and more.

If you manage multiple computers, then it is difficult to remember the necessary information about each one if you have to maintain them regularly. In such a situation, you need BGInfo.

Display System Info on Background

One of the best things about this application is that it will give you all the more important details about your computer and your system straight on your desktop. And you can even do that by changing the background image, or you can even opt to keep the existing background image on the desktop if you want.

What is more, you can customize how the background and the data on the background look. You can customize the font size of the text and the alignment of the text.

You may also change the desktop position and make sure that it displays the information you want to see on the background.

Different Types of Data Visible

The great thing about the app is also that it’s lightweight and very easy to operate. You can choose between what types of data get shown on the background, and you have plenty of choices to make in this regard, too. You can select them from the main window of the application, where you can alter them quickly.

Among the specs you can see in the background, you’ll be able to choose from boot time, CPU, DNS server, free space, hostname, IE version, IP address, network type, memory, logon domain, server, volumes, and more.

The choices you have here are enormous. And you can see all of it on your background without opening additional apps.


BGInfo is a great and lightweight tool that will enable you to see all of your system’s information on the desktop background.

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