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PortScan is complete software which has a lot of utilities. It can search the connected devices to your computer, it can scan the ports, it can help you to detect the ping of the devices, or it can make a speed test for your internet connection.

Scanning the devices connected to your PC, PortScan will show you all the details about it. You will be able to see the names of the devices, the IP addresses, and the ports.

Let’s say you have a problem with a specified device, and you must detect a device which is not working very well. Download and install PortScan, search devices and identify your problem. You can find a lot of devices like UPnP, Netgear, Buffalo devices, Samsung printers, HP printers, MSA network devices. Just run this option, and you will find exactly you need. You will be able to detect the device even if you don’t know the IP addresses.

If your internet connection isn’t the best, probably you need to test the speed. PortScan can do it by downloading and uploading data from many servers. The latency and port test will be done at the same time.

PortScan is a simple application which will be installed in few seconds, you have only to follow the steps, and after the installation is finished, you can use all the options of the software. The interface is a simple one, and you don’t have advanced options or buttons.

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