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Ylva Password Manager is a command-line interface tool that helps you to manage your passwords for different applications. It ensures safe and secure password creation so that third parties cannot have access to the information that you are storing.

This application is portable, so you do not have to install it. It starts working as soon as it is launched, so you can easily carry it wherever you like. Moreover, changes in the registry programs are not to be expected when considering this application.

The encryption of the files is done through 256 keys AES encryption. As the memory time of the app is lowered, there are higher chances that the data stored in the memory will remain protected.

Another essential feature you can get through Ylva is that you won’t have to synchronize your various devices manually to keep your application up to date; rather, this process would be performed automatically. So, there is a little effort involved from your side.

Ylva Password Manager is a tool to manage passwords using the command-line interface.

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