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October 21st, 2020 - Free - 100% Safe
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To deploy Windows 10 in your system, which is working on prior versions of Windows, you need the Media Creation Tool. The application comes in the form of a wizard through which you can clearly understand every aspect of creating the Windows 10 setup. So, there won’t be any issues involved. The time required for Windows’s creation would be limited to a few minutes, provided that the internet connection available must be strong.

Through, you can create a bootable USB or an ISO image. Getting installation language and system architecture can be possible with the use of the Media Creation Tool. You can send the downloaded files on the USB.

However, for that, you need at least 3GB of free space. The other solution is of creating an ISO image, which can be saved directly to the computer. It can be converted into a disk through a disk burner.

Through these methods, you can easily download windows ten on your computer. However, you’ll still require the product key to access the complete files of the Windows.

Media Creation Tool is an efficient tool to help you in situations where you don’t have other media available for booting on Windows 10.

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