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TailExpert helps you manage and view your system log files and modify them, as well as other application logs, as it features support for ADB Logcat, UPD network receiving, SFTP browsing, and log synchronization.

When you want to view and edit log files, you can do that with a separate piece of software. It should enable you to do it quickly and easily.

And that’s exactly what TailExpert can help you with – it will enable you to open multiple files in separate tabs and compare them side by side. You can also find character strings and highlight particular lines that you want to view.

Examine and Edit Logs

When you want to view several logs simultaneously, you’ll have to open them with TailExpert. It will enable you to edit them at the same time, too.

It helps you store and analyze log files. At the same time, you’ll be able to open several types of log files, such as LOG and TXT. This utility allows you to open these files and display the lines you wish to see.

It helps you see all the lines as they are created in real-time. You may also open UDP sockets with the integrated UDP receiver. It also helps you open Windows event logs and open serial ports.

Advanced Log Analysis

If you want to analyze the files in more detail, you can also use TailExpert. It will help you see graphical libraries and visualize statistical data, giving you a much clearer idea about the logs on your system.

Thanks to the many additional analysis tools and statistical data, this tool will give you a complete idea about how your logs perform.

You’ll also have dedicated tools for analyzing these logs. You’ll be able to use advanced message filtering for clearer search results as you search for the logs you want to view. And you can also find character strings that will enable you to make edits to these strings individually. You may even highlight messages and translate them, allowing you to improve the readability of the logs.

At the same time, this application allows you to compare logs side by side to see the differences between them. In this comparison mode, you’ll also be able to highlight text so that you’ll be able to edit it and change it.

Where you need them, you’ll be able to add bookmarks so that you’ll know exactly where you’ve left off the last time you’ve used this tool.


TailExpert is a tool for editing and viewing system logs on your computer. It’s a nice tool to have when you want to see them in more detail and edit them. You’ll be able to open several logs at the same time and compare them side by side.

And you’ll also be able to make changes to the logs and highlight text, as well as get reports on them so that you can make the right changes.

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