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September 3rd, 2023 - Free - 100% Safe
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Every gamer knows how it is when you first learn a game: you must remember a set of controls to play and execute certain moves.

And if the difference between two moves is just a key or two, it may be harder for you to remember them. For that, you have YAKD – Yet Another Key Displayer.

How The Text Will Display On Your Screen Is Fully Customizable

YAKD is used while playing a game, and the last thing you want is for the text to be distracting by blocking your view. Or maybe it’s the opposite – you can barely see the text.

With this program, you don’t have to worry about that. You can change text style, size, color, opacity, and the text background color to your comfort level.

It lets you change font style, opacity level, text size, and color to your liking. You can’t minimize the configuration window while using the application, but the overlay window is always on the taskbar, so it can feel like a bit of a clutter.

Shows Your Keystrokes On Screen

If you’re learning a few moves in a game, you know that seeing your keystrokes can vastly improve the retention of new information. That is what YAKD does for you.

When you press the keys, they’re displayed automatically on your screen.

More New Features For Your Convenience

Thanks to recent releases, Yet Another Key Displayer is no longer just another key displayer. The program now offers mouse support.

And now, there are two display modes: the keys are displayed in a window or fullscreen games through RTSS.


Apart from the fact that you can’t minimize the configuration window, YAKD  is excellent as it does one thing and does it well. Adding this program to your in-game experience is worth it, especially while navigating it.

You can also use this for other things like creating tutorial videos or for walkthroughs.

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