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WinDiff allows you to compare two files and folders, identify differences between the two almost instantly, and quickly get them from a simple interface.

When you work with many documents daily, and especially if those documents tend to be similar, you will need to compare them often. But this can take a lot of time, especially if the documents are big and complicated.

Luckily, you can do that quickly with a tool called WinDiff, which will help you compare two documents or two folders at the same time and highlight differences.

Simple But Very Useful App

The application is very simple to use. It’s lightweight, and it has a straightforward interface, but it still manages to do its job properly. With it, you’ll be able to compare two files or folders and highlight the differences, which is the tool’s main use.

Of course, it also has some neat features that will again come in handy to all users. It’s quick, reliable, and easy to use.

Great, But Room for Improvement

The scanning will be done quickly, and you can select the two files you want to compare. Then the app will get to work and try to identify the differences between the two. The process is smooth and should give you a good idea of where the differences are.

However, one of the main issues is that you have to manually choose the files you want to compare instead of having a browser inside the tool.

But once you get used to it, it’s no big deal. However, that can become messy when you want to compare two folders when you need to enter the folder’s exact location instead of having a built-in browser.

But, the app gets the job done nicely, although there is still room for improvement. It might look a bit outdated, too, although the visual update to the interface might come in future releases.


WinDiff is a simple and lightweight tool that compares folders and files for you and highlights the differences.

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