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September 16th, 2023 - Free - 100% Safe
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Driver Booster updates all drivers for your PC components to ensure that your hardware keeps running smoothly and that you can run all of your computer’s latest software pieces.

Updating your drivers can be a nuisance, especially if many hardware components require regular updating. One of the main problems is opening several software pieces to analyze your drivers and browsing the internet to find the right browsers.

It can be not only annoying but also time-consuming. It is a great application that will help you keep your hardware updated.

It will help you analyze, recognize, and look for drivers you don’t have installed through the vast driver database that it supports so that you don’t have to search for and install them manually.

Update Drivers Automatically

Driver Booster is an effective application for those who want to update their drivers without too much work. Luckily, it does most of the hard work for you instead. You can open it and let it search for the drivers you already have installed on your computer. It will notify you if it finds any driver that’s not updated.

Once it finds that, it will start searching the large driver database to find the latest drivers for your hardware. It has access to a large database of drivers of more than 3,500,000, which means it will support almost any hardware out there.

Whether you want to update your GPU, CPU, motherboard, or even other drivers, this app will help.

Get a Better Experience

If you want, you can customize this app to automatically install drivers, which means it will push notifications as drivers become available.

It won’t disturb your gaming performance and won’t consume that many resources.


Driver Booster is a great app if you want to update your drivers automatically without searching for them online extensively.

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Mike Palm
Mike Palm
1 year ago

Not free, and not cool. Anything by IOBit has been nothing but scams and headaches.