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August 4th, 2020 - Free - 100% Safe
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It is one of the oldest versions of Windows that was released in 1995. You can expect it to work as a portable application, which does not require double booting. To work with Windows 95, you have access to some tutorials, which can guide you about the process of installation and configuration required for efficient operations.

This version of Windows would not have to be reinstalled repeatedly, as Microsoft has already fixed all such errors. With this Windows, you can expect to create a nostalgic effect for you. All the simple applications like Word Pad, MS Paint, and Minesweeper, are available to spend your time.

One of the problems with Windows 95 is that the Internet Explorer will not function adequately because of its initial versions available to work with Windows. Apart from that, you can expect this Windows to help you travel back in time and enjoy the computers as they were used to be then.

Windows 95 is a version of Windows which is quite primitive but revives the emotions of the users attached to it.

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