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Electron is solely designed for developers to provide them with the opportunity to create a cross-platform application. It can ensure the creation of an application that would work on CSS, HTML, and JavaScript code. There are some examples of applications that have already been created on Electron and are running quite efficiently. These applications include Atom, Nylas N1, GitKraken, GitHub Desktop, and Visual Studio Code.

It works on the graphical user interface, so the reaction of the applications become relatively simple. The interface of the application has three main components. These components provide the name of the application supports the creation of the new application and provide you with the end look after the application are ready.

If you need some details regarding the working of this application, you can have the documentation available for it, so using the application becomes relatively easy.

The presence of prebuilt binaries and the drag and drop feature during the process of creation of new application is amongst the other elements that define Electron.

Overall, Electron is an application that supports the application creation on cross platforms and is available in the form of GUI.

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