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June 25th, 2020 - Free - 100% Safe
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The sidebar of GitHub Desktop ensures that you have the list of all the projects you are working on. So, accessing the most relevant one becomes more comfortable. To create a new project, you can clone an existing one or create a new repository from the same sidebar.

You can make modifications or review the codes using this application. There is a button attached on the left for this purpose. You can click to create branches. Additionally, you can make some changes within the files.

Once all changes are made, you can discuss the changes and their consequences within the same application. You can analyze the history of the changes that you have made in the branches during the entire process. So, if you’ll realize that one or more of the changes aren’t appropriate, you can change them right away.

Furthermore, merging the changes made in local and remote branches is another feature of the application. You can also analyze the changes that have been combined and the ones that still need to be joined.

GitHub Desktop is an application to make the lives of the GitHub enterprise easier and convenient when it comes to handling the files.

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