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With CommandUI, you can easily enhance your interaction and experience with command-line applications, as you’ll be able to define the characteristics of the interface and create an unforgettable experience for yourself.

It is a GUI wrapper tool that allows you to create and generate graphical user interfaces when working with command-line applications. It will help you easily construct user interfaces that suit your style and taste and become more productive.

Add Titles, Descriptions, and Other Characteristics

CommandUI is a very comprehensive GUI wrapper that lets you add different characteristics to the GUI. From there, you’ll be able to change different aspects of the interface, and you’ll be able to add titles, change descriptions, and change the path to the executable file. The interface should be able to accept inputs for the changes, though.

You can change different components, such as the input argument, file argument, or multiple other choices. You’ll be able to do so directly through the context menu.

With the part selector, you can simply choose the preferred component or the file you want to change, and change some aspects of it quite quickly.

Two Ways of Adding Arguments

You’ll be able to access two ways of adding arguments and components: either by using the dedicated button or the context menu. Both are easy, and both allow you to add various arguments.

Arguably the easiest way to change arguments is with the part selector. It allows you to specify which argument and part of the argument you want to change. You can change every aspect individually or select multiple arguments at once.

Then, executing the selected application can be done from a dedicated menu, allowing you to terminate the app anytime. You won’t even need to access the corresponding interface.


CommandUI is an intuitive and effective application for changing elements of the GUI and making it suitable to your taste and needs.

It allows you to make subtle and large-scale changes, which helps you improve the experience massively.

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