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October 6th, 2020 - Free - 100% Safe
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A Java-based tool that can enable users to send the G-codes to machines supported by CNC (Computer Numerical Code) is Universal Gcode Sender.

This utility can be used just through a mouse click, and it can serve the users of all the operating systems equally. The purpose of this application is to facilitate the beginners in operating specific machines. The interface has been designed to provide details about the machine’s state and the connecting available. Additionally, the command table covers most of the interface of the application.

Watch this video tutorial to get a better understanding of the application:

Some of the functions that you can perform through this application are precision up to decimal points, removing individual components, removing white spaces, and converting arcs into lines. Additionally, connection with your UGS is also supported through your smartphone if you have this application installed.

The Universal Gcode Sender can give you efficient results for controlling the CNC based machines. The high precision and possibility of managing specific functions through smartphones are some of this application’s features.

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Kevin Russell
Kevin Russell
8 months ago

UGS any version is garbageware. I am using a laptop with an I9 8 cores processor, 32GB DDR RAM and over 900 GB free space on an SSD drive yet the software continues to say it is out of memory.

It seems to have an issue opening any file greater than 100kb. If this is supposed to be the best tool for using a CNC then there isn’t a lot of hope for automating anything using a CNC machine.