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PostgreSQL is a database management system that will enable you to manage multiple databases, run SQL scripts, and perform other actions that you can expect to perform inside an SQL interface.

If you’re an administrator of databases, then you almost certainly know about SQL and all its capabilities. However, there are many different instances of this language that you can use, and one of them is PostgreSQL.

This database management system is widely used by administrators to manage multiple databases with ease and with the most comprehensive tools out there.

Enterprise-Class Database Management

It is meant to act as an enterprise-level application for managing databases, so it will mostly suit users who need a tool to manage multiple, larger databases. To do that, it comes with many powerful features that make it possible for users to manage databases with ease.

Some of these tools include asynchronous replication, nested transactions, tablespaces, point-in-time recovery, and others.

These are all advanced tools that will suit the needs of even the more complex users that need some more advanced tools for managing databases.

There are also multiple multibyte character encodings, which allow you to work with different scripts.

Intuitive Interface

If you’re a more advanced user, then you appreciate the relative simplicity of this tool. It is not meant for complete beginners, although it is entirely possible to learn how to use this tool, even if you’re not among the more advanced and power users. That is a testament to the user-friendly nature of this application.

On the left, you’ll find information about the currently selected item that you’ve chosen. It includes properties and statistics, as well as dependencies and dependents.

On the right, you’ll find a reverse-engineered SQL script that allows you to copy it into any editor and use it there for other purposes.


PostgreSQL is an advanced database editing software that acts as a tool to help you manage multiple databases at the same time, providing you with all the necessary tools for the job, even if you’re a more advanced user.

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