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PopSQL is an excellent software that can help your team members when you are dealing with SQL based projects. You can communicate and operate on the SQL framework in real-time to solve SQL management problems.

It is versatile and has an efficient editor to work with SQL databases. Writing queries on this stylish app is quite interactive and smooth. It has an excellent streamline environment to make your work easier.

PopSQL works with databases such as Redshift, MySQL, Microsoft SQL, BigQuery, Cassandra, and MemSQL. For a beginner, using this utility is not too challenging. It does not require special skills other than knowing SQL to get around the various features of this software.

It allows you to run SQL queries and share the results with your partners while collaborating on projects. The programmers who are not accommodated with all the SQL queries will find this app very useful as it comes loaded with SQL queries and has autofill function that supports quick workflow.

The inner working of this app is similar to that of Google Docs. So you can extract URL and share it with others. It supports files management in terms of marking folders as private or public. The extensive charts provided in the software are helpful for the visualization of data.

The autocomplete feature can help you fill column names and tables quickly. The search option, table preview, SSH tunnel support, and keyword shortcuts are some of the other features you will enjoy by having this app.

The results and projects data can be exported into CSV or JSON.  PopSQL is a great modern tool for database management.

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