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PopSQL is a versatile SQL management tool that will make it possible for you to work and collaborate on multiple database management tasks simultaneously.

Database management and visualization is a crucial process to keep your data organized and secure. But to do that, SQL is one of the powerful languages that you can use. But at the same time, you’ll need a good piece of software to help you get the most out of SQL.

It is one of those applications that will enable you to manage multiple databases at the same time.

Simple to Use and Works with Different Databases

The great thing about PopSQL is its simplistic interface, making it easy even for less skilled users to use it efficiently. The great thing about it is that it will work with most types of databases, including Microsoft SQL, MySQL, Redshift, Cassandra, MemSQL, BigQuery, etc.

Installing this application should be easy enough for almost anyone to manage. It’s a largely automated process that should not be too complicated for anyone.

There’s also a small login procedure where you’ll be able to have your account ready, although you can also use your Google account to sign in.

The autocomplete feature can help you fill column names and tables quickly. The search option, table preview, SSH tunnel support, and keyword shortcuts are some of the other features you will enjoy by having this app.

Collaborate and More Projects

This application makes it easy for users to collaborate and work on multiple projects at the same time. You’ll be able to work on various databases simultaneously, which might not be available in every SQL management tool.

But this makes it appropriate, especially for beginners and those who are still learning the ropes of database management.

You’ll see that the workflow inside this app will look closely like that inside Google Docs. It is great because it offers beginners a chance to get into it quite quickly.

Everything is very nicely designed and thought of, especially the collaborations that you can use with this tool. The autocomplete feature also makes it easy and saves time.


PopSQL is a great SQL management tool that will help you manage multiple databases at the same time, as well as some other user-friendly features.

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