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WinSSHTerm is a simple to use GUI for KiTTy and PuTTy (powerful SSH clients and users can easily connect to remote computers) and thanks to it, it is much easier to manage multiple SSH sessions. These apps aren`t particularly intuitive, and as you will see, they will lack some specific features which you may find useful and one of the features that this one requires is the ability to manage a lot of sessions at the same time efficiently. It will offer the users a friendly and an easy to use interface which can be quite useful when it comes to both PuTTy and KiTTy.

You will be able to open different sessions in multiple tabs, and you will also have the chance to make use of an intuitive GUI while supporting X applications and even different file transfers.

The installation process is simple, and you will see that the application is quite friendly and this means that it is easy to understand it. This tool can easily download the necessary components automatically.

WinSSHTerm is a handy utility which is going to make your work much more efficient, and you will see that once everything has been set up, you can take advantage of the features that this WinSSHTerm will offer you. It will enable you to manage multiple sessions in a single window, and it will be easier for you to monitor several connections at the same time.

You can perform file transfers and run X applications, and you will undoubtedly like the lightweight application which will offer you a minimalistic UI.

The simple design is meant to minimize eye strain, and you will also be able to customize the tool the way you want. It will support file transfers and even X applications while featuring a novice-friendly interface.

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