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KiTTY is a compact application that will enable you to use the Telnet protocol, allowing you to connect to a remote computer easily and efficiently.

You might have heard about SSH or Telnet clients, which are especially popular when connecting to a computer remotely.

And one of the most popular connection cores for connecting via these protocols is PuTTY, which is widely used worldwide. However, that particular system doesn’t have its problems.

If you want to upgrade the PuTTY experience, you can use KiTTY. It is an application that is rather compact and simple to use, and it offers you an easy and efficient way of connecting to a Telnet or SSH client or network.

It will give you access to remote computers as you can change them as an admin.

Improves on PuTTY

PuTTY is one of the most popular protocols, but it doesn’t come without its faults. For Telnet connections, this app is becoming the more popular choice due to its additional features and abilities.

It will offer you some nice features and tools that you can use to control a computer remotely. You can use and send text commands to a remote system through Telnet. This protocol is widely used for administrative purposes, even though it has been knocked down recently due to some security concerns.

Create Secure Connections

KiTTY improves on the security aspect, though. It will offer you safe and secure connections by allowing you to use SOCKS or HTTP proxy servers. The app will also enable you to use AES or SSH connections while offering to use Blowfish or 3DES encryptions, which are very powerful and effective.

If you’ve used a similar program before, you will probably know the interface already. It is familiar and not that difficult to use.


KiTTY is a great lightweight application for connecting to computers remotely, allowing you to connect quickly and securely.

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