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Anyplace Control is a tool that, as the name suggests, helps you control a remote computer straight from your screen and perform actions on it, such as restarting it, shutting it down, or transferring files from one computer to the other remotely.

This lightweight tool might be all you will ever need if you want to control remote computers straight from your home screen. This tool might be useful for many people who want to work from home on their office computers.

It’s also viable for those who provide support to their customers or clients, or for any other means that you can do when accessing other computers remotely.

How it Works

When you open the tool and install it on your computer, you’ll first be prompted to create your account. You’ll also need to name your computer so that other people will be able to connect to it, too. When you do so, you won’t need to know your IP to connect to other computers, and when others try to connect to yours.

You can then start connecting to other computers as long as you provide some vital information to this tool. You’ll need to at least know the name of the remote computer you’re connecting to. Then, you’ll need to configure the address and the port of the remote computer.

You’ll also want to provide additional details for the remote computer, such as its IP, OS, domain, and others.

Additional Tools

There are additional tools that will bring you more control over the remote PC you’re connected to. You’ll be able to block the screen of the remote connection, block the mouse and the keyboard, specify the password for the connection, and use the built-in chat option.

The tool is easy to use, and it offers you great access to remote PCs. You can also drag and drop files you want to transfer, which makes transfers easy.


Anyplace Control is an application that will allow you to connect to remote computers easily. It’s easy to use, and it comes with various tools that give you more control.

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