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Route your network’s connection through a proxy of your choice with the help of Proxifier, which will help you bypass firewalls and go over location restrictions, allowing you to visit websites you weren’t previously able to.

Many people nowadays decide to use proxies when they browse the internet. These make it easy for users to access websites they aren’t otherwise able to connect to and protect their traffic from potential scammers or data trackers.

Also, some connections are blocked by firewalls, so you cannot make them easily.

That’s what Proxifier helps you solve. It will allow you to connect to your choice’s proxy connection and solve the abovementioned issues.

You can browse websites that were previously restricted because of your location or the various firewalls commonly used on some networks.

Access Any Online Resource

You will be able to connect to proxies from all over the world. It means that you’ll be able to access almost any site on the internet, which is helpful when you want to visit a site unavailable in your location.

It also means that you can choose what proxy you connect to.

And some proxies are not accessible because of firewall restrictions, but that’s where this tool has you covered. It will enable you to bypass firewall restrictions easily, and not being able to access these sites will be an issue when you use this application.

You Need a Proxy

A small inconvenience here is that you’ll need your proxy to get started with this application, which is a minor inconvenience. But if you have one, this application will provide you with a great way of bypassing various restrictions on the internet.

You can also create proxification rules, allowing you to control the process more.


Proxifier allows you to overcome some of the most common proxy restrictions connected to your location or firewall settings.

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