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If you need to use an application that requires an internet connection but you are working behind a proxy server then you need a software like Proxifier. It will help you by enabling the applications to run through HTTPS or SOCKS chains and proxy. Redirecting connections is a good thing especially if you are a gamer.

Proxifier should be taken into consideration when you need to use application that requires an internet connection such as email, database, game or even browser through a proxy. Mastering your corporate network is also a thing that can be achieved with this tool because it lets you control access to resources, update multiple configurations remotely from a single place and also route all your connections through a single entry point.

Improving your connection is also a thing that this tool does because it makes the internet traffic go through faster routes. Security and privacy are also assigned to the users who decide to use this Proxifier because it tunnels your connections through encrypted channels.

Bypassing restrictions can also be done by using a proxy as a gateway for your internet activities. This one assigns different proxies and chains to different connections using the rule-based system.

It works on any device, and it handles all of the connections well.

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