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June 4th, 2020 - Free - 100% Safe
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To get all the information regarding your wi-fi connection, you must use this application. It can help you in finding the access points of wi-fi along with the provision of details about the connected devices.

Additionally, if you are aiming to find the generic wi-fi password for a connection, you can get it through Acrylic Wi-Fi. It can be helpful especially if you are in search of a connection that has lesser overlapping. The signal quality of the link along with the data usage by each of the connected devices can be displayed for you in the form of charts and graphs.

Security details regarding a particular wi-fi connection can also be managed through this application. Information like MAC address, vendor type, RSSI, channel type can also be viewed if the wi-fi connection details are accessed through this utility.

The friendly interface makes all these functions quite easy to use, which can help you in optimizing your wi-fi usage and needs.

Acrylic Wi-Fi is an application to find the access points and monitor the signals and devices connected to a wi-fi network.

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