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WinSCP is a freeware FTP and SFTP client for Windows that uses SSH, one of the most popular platforms for file transfers and similar tasks.

WinSCP was released on an open-source base, which means constant changes are made while remaining widely available for all users.

It’s an FTP and SCP client that uses SSH, which remains to be seen as one of the most popular clients or platforms for file transfers. It supports a wide array of protocols as well.

It Looks Like Windows Explorer

If you look at the GUI of WinSCP, you’ll find that it has a similar look to Windows Explorer. It has a typical structure that you’d come to expect from a file explorer, which is a welcome thing since many users are already used to those types of interfaces anyway.

Along with the Windows Explorer-like interface, you’ll be able to explore vastly the same or similar functions found in Windows Explorer.

For instance, you’ll find all the main functions, such as cut, copy, move, rename, and other similar functions. You can also use another interface that feels like Norton’s interface, which you can choose in the preferences.

Manage Connections and Background Transfers

With the built-in manager inside the interface, you can tailor your connections and change them according to your needs. You can store these details and make them available the next time you use this application, allowing quick and easy access to the settings.

In essence, this app is an FTP and SCP client for Windows, which will enable you to use the SSH protocol. It is one of the main protocols for background transfers of files and other pieces of data. It also allows for queue processing at the same time.

The tool will integrate into Windows Shell, so you can quickly gain access.


WinSCP is an FTP and SCP client for Windows that uses the SSH protocol for file transfers in the background and other tasks.

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