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Date added: February 17th, 2018 - (Free)
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Download Accelerator Plus is packed with the latest advancements in download technology, providing one of the easiest and fastest ways to transfer files from the internet. Multichannel access and latency/ idle overcoming grant you an extensive use of the bandwidth. In addition to this, it has a video preview feature that lets users play/ open whatever is being downloaded.

The link checker makes sure that you will not waste time with broken downloads. In terms of safe downloading, a multi antivirus security add-on is said to function as a prevention utility, informing you about the potential threats lurking behind a file.

Several other add-ons are available thanks to a growing community of developers: FTP browser, ZIP preview, DAPsters Manager and the list goes on.

Download Accelerator Plus features and benefits:

- Easily download files in the fastest speed possible
- Just click to download & DAP will get you the file fast!
- See what leading anti-viruses say about your file
- Make sure your download files are safe before opening them
- Make sure the files you download are valid
- View info about your file before you download it
- Watch your videos while downloading
- Check your content as soon as download starts


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