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With ThrottleStop, you can adjust and monitor CPU throttling, and you can also manage three types of throttling and test your processor and how it is performing simultaneously.

When you want to manage and customize your CPU, you must use various software pieces. One of them is ThrottleStop, which is an effective application for managing three types of CPU throttling.

With it, you’ll be able to customize and manage your CPU’s performance and track some key performance factors.

Manage and Bypass CPU Throttling

If you use a laptop, then CPU throttling is quite common. It is meant to conserve power and push much less energy to the CPU so that the laptop can focus on other tasks. It is merely the act that the computer does automatically.

It is known as CPU throttling, which can take a big toll on the overall performance of your computer.

The main thing this application will do for you is bypass CPU throttling. You’ll see all the controls you’ll have with the app to bypass it on the left side of the main window.

There are several settings here in this regard. Another great thing about the interface is on the right-hand side, where you get all of the data and stats.

Additional Features

What is more, ThrottleStop has some additional functions and features that will help you manage your CPU. You can use some settings to customize and tailor the clock speeds, such as Clock Modulation, Chipset Clock Modulation, Set Multiplier, and more.

You can also disable or enable Turbo Mode and stop monitoring.

You can also monitor your CPU’s power consumption, giving you a better idea of how much power goes to your CPU. You should always try and monitor the power consumption as you use this application.


ThrottleStop is a useful application that can help you bypass CPU throttling and manage the CPU’s performance.

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