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QuickSet has been designed to provide more control to Dell laptop users. It has a clean interface that ensures everyone can find and adjust the relevant settings.

All of the options that this application supports are present right away.

Some of the features this application provides to the users include configuring the battery power schemes and network settings and connecting the computer to the external display. The wi-fi settings ensure that you can have better control over your connection.

You can choose between strong and weak signals, the type of band to connect with, and the choice of radio control.

You can display both of the battery levels, whether it is the primary battery or the secondary one. The total battery charge is also shown along.

Additionally, making the secondary battery function the primary one and enabling Dell’s extended battery life is possible through QuickSet.

This utility does not impact the computer’s other functions, so you can work while keeping this application on your system. However, it is recommended that you use your system’s latest version of BIOS in your system to generate the best results.

QuickSet is an application for Dell users to help them manage the battery settings, wi-fi network settings, and other features that can make the usage of your computer easier.

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